Action Center

Taking action to confront the climate crisis starts here.

Come take part in the next phase our A Time To Build campaign, calling on state officials to ensure crucial investments in climate, jobs, and justice reach every community – especially those that need them the most.

Together with just a few friends or community members, you can join or create a Dayenu Circle.

Dayenu’s highly experiential 2-hour workshop Confronting the Climate Crisis and Cultivating Spiritual Courage draws on Jewish teachings, art, and wisdom.

Learn how to write an effective opinion piece or letter to the editor in support of #ClimateJobsJustice legislation.

In this songbook you will find 64 songs and chants to inspire and mobilize, to energize us for the streets and for the long-haul, and to comfort us in times of grief and loss.

Learn about how the Jewish community can help finance the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy.

Confronting the climate crisis is an existential challenge. It will take all of us to bring about the change this moment calls for.

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