Action Center

Taking action to confront the climate crisis starts here.

We made a difference by reaching out to almost 300,000 climate voters — and we’re still going! Join us to turn out Jewish voters in the Georgia runoff.

We can’t afford to drill, mine and lock-in more fossil fuels. We’re calling on our Representatives to stop Joe Manchin’s dirty deal

Join the Jewish campaign to end the era of fossil fuels and build a clean energy future

With a few friends, community members, or neighbors, you can join or start a Dayenu Circle, your homebase for climate action.

Join us for a virtual teach-in, hosted alongside the Jews of Color Initiative.

Confronting the climate crisis is an existential challenge. It will take all of us to bring about the change this moment calls for.

Hope With Our Hands by Zo Tobi and L’dor vador by Rena Branson are available on streaming services