Chutzpah 2022

In partnership with the Environmental Voter Project, Dayenu volunteers phone-banked and knocked on doors in the 10 weeks leading up to the 2022 midterm elections. 

We identified and called infrequent and likely-Jewish voters who care about climate change in races across key states like Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

A collage of images of participants of the Chutzpah 2022 campaign.

“The Torah commands us to do this kind of thing; to try to create justice in the world. And climate justice is one of the big ones.” – VOLUNTEER Dan G., Pacifica, CA

The goal of Chutzpah 2022 was to elevate climate as an election issue and mobilize our community to connect with and inspire voters who care about climate change. We did this through phone-banking shifts and in-person canvassing events filled with Jewish spirit and song.

  • Recruited 400+ volunteers from 52 partner organizations
  • Filled 525 phone-banking shifts
  • Hosted shifts that included 16 musical performances and 15 Jewish leaders offering Kavanot, words of intention
  • Made 273,861 calls to infrequent environmental voters 
  • Had 6,625 conversations with voters and members of their households about making a plan to vote
  • Engaged in a total of 27,397 minutes, or 19 days, of calls.
As investments from the Inflation Reduction Act are deployed, Dayenu will continue to mobilize the Jewish community to hasten the end of the era of fossil fuels and build a clean energy future.

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Chutzpah 2020

Chutzpah 2020 was Dayenu’s dynamic get-out-the-vote program ahead of the 2020 elections. In just 8 weeks, together with thousands of volunteers and 43 partners, we reached over 800,000 climate-concerned voters in six key states.

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