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Tell Congress: No Fossil Fuel Giveaways

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To secure West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin’s vote on the Inflation Reduction Act, Majority Leader Schumer agreed to consider a dangerous bill that could result in a rapid build-out of polluting fossil fuels, starting with the Mountain Valley Pipeline.

We can’t afford to drill, mine and lock-in more fossil fuels – scientists say we need to keep them in the ground and unburned to prevent the worst impacts of climate change. In addition, fossil fuel infrastructure disproportionately harms Black, Brown, Indigenous, and low-income people first and worst – these communities are far more likely to live next to polluting coal-fired power plants, oil wells, refineries and export facilities, and natural gas pipelines.

Fossil fuel companies know that this legislation would never pass on its own merit, so they’re trying to sneak it into larger must-pass pieces of legislation, such as the annual budget or defense authorization.

Stand up for climate justice by calling your Members of Congress and telling them to oppose this “Dirty Deal” today!

How to take action

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