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Tell Congress: No Fossil Fuel Giveaways

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The world’s leading scientists warn that in order to prevent the worst impacts of the climate crisis, we need to keep the majority of fossil fuels in the ground and unburned. New dirty energy projects would not only accelerate the climate crisis, but disproportionately harm frontline communities that live in the shadows of polluting coal-fired power plants, oil and gas wells, refineries and export facilities, and gas pipelines.

Yet, Congress recently passed extreme energy provisions in the debt ceiling bill that rolled back environmental protections, silenced the voices of impacted communities, and fast tracked the fracked gas Mountain Valley Pipeline. Now, Members of Congress of are saying they want to go further, passing so-called “energy permitting reform” legislation that could allow for a rapid build-out of polluting fossil fuels projects, 

Jewish text and tradition calls on us to pursue justice and champion the rights of the historically marginalized, modern-day widows, orphans, and strangers. Tell Congress: We need a just and livable future, not more fossil fuel giveaways! 

How to take action

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