How we build a movement: Local climate activists training volunteers


Dayenu works every day to build a nationwide movement that harnesses the collective power of American Jews and adds our voices to movements confronting the climate crisis.

An important element here is to empower local Dayenu leaders to educate, inspire, and mobilize their communities. When community-based volunteers are empowered to activate even more volunteers, it powers a ripple effect that can swell to a wave of climate activists. We need all our collective and moral might to demand and achieve lasting, systemic change.
We’re building our network, one day at a time, in communities across the country. In January, volunteers from the Chochmat Halev Dayenu Circle in East Bay, California conducted its own training for local activists. The session drew people of all ages and backgrounds, and engaged and empowered them for various actions (including postcarding for Purim!).
The organizers report that “It was awesome!” They saw potential for Dayenu/climate shabbats, postcarding events, and social gatherings. They will keep in touch with the newly trained activists, and inspire them to keep organizing.
Photos below capture a bit of the climate arts and excitement.

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