Climate Arts And Music

Jewish music, art, and ritual can inspire, offer comfort, and lift up stories of a just, livable future.


This living songbook includes songs that come from long ago in various Jewish traditions, while others were written in recent months. 

The songs in this book are mostly written by Jews or have been sung by Jews, giving us hope and the strength to keep going even when times are hard.

We need all the power and all the healing that music can offer us as we build and fight for a just, livable future.

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Rising Tides, Rising Voice: Songs for the Jewish Climate Movement

In this songbook, you will find songs and chants to inspire and mobilize, to energize us for the streets and for the long-haul, and to comfort us in times of grief and loss.

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In 2021, We put out a call for new music for the growing Jewish climate justice movement – songs that could be sung at Jewish climate gatherings, chanted at marches, used in vigils, shared over zoom and in person. We received an overwhelming response and selected two of the songs to produce professionally: Hope With Our Hands, written by Zo Tobi, and L’dor Vador, written by Rena Branson.


Zo is a husband, father, songwriter, leadership coach, and Director of Donor Organizing at Movement Voter Project. His calling is to help people lead lives they’re proud of. Learn more at


Rena is a Jewish composer, ritual leader, and educator who uplifts personal and collective healing through song. Learn more at

about spiritual Adaptation

Climate music and arts is one part of our mission to spiritually resource diverse Jewish communities and individuals who are grappling with the climate crisis on an existential, emotional, spiritual, and religious level. Learn more →

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