Sai Koros (they/them) is a student rabbi and educator who is passionate about intergenerational community-building, ritual arts, and learning as activism. They believe in addressing underlying problems through direct action in order to create lasting change. Sai has organized protests and teach-ins to draw attention to environmental catastrophe and the dangers of white supremacy. They are a regular panelist and community consultant through which they raise awareness about political issues, the needs of Jewish young adults, and ways to nurture queer Jewish life. Sai attends Reconstructionist Rabbinical School, propelled by their work as Congregational Manager and Lay-Cantor for Congregation Dor Hadash. As one of the congregations who was attacked in the Tree of Life shooting, Dor Hadash’s volunteer-led community inspired Sai to blend their love of Judaism, activism, and community. Sai earned their Bachelor of Philosophy degree in Religious Studies, Sociology, and Jewish Studies at the University of Pittsburgh. They have received awards for both academic and activist achievements. When they’re not working, they love to write, make all types of art, care for their houseplants, snuggle with their cat, and spend time with their friends and family in their hometown of West Philadelphia.