Mary Babic is committed to the power of storytelling as a means for sparking social change, and to centering and elevating the voices of people who are most impacted by inequality, injustice, and exclusion. Before joining Dayenu, she worked for more than a decade at Oxfam, where she traveled across the country to hear from farmworkers, poultry workers, fisherfolk, BIPOC activists, and countless others on the frontlines of climate disaster response and fights for justice. She produced numerous reports, blogs, and media pieces about this work, and her work was featured on major media outlets (including, to her delight, mentions by John Oliver and Jon Stewart). Prior to Oxfam, she worked in various progressive nonprofits, including labor unions and women’s advocacy organizations. Originally from Connecticut, she has lived and worked in Nicaragua, Great Britain, and Morocco. She holds a BA from Harvard and an MFA from Boston University. She enjoys making things (clothes, plays, people, tomatoes), playing games (especially mah jong), hiking and biking, and hanging out with her two kids and one cat.