Lisa Nikodem believes that in order for each of us to thrive, we must all have the opportunities and resources we need to live full, healthy lives. To that end, she has been organizing and directing grassroots organizing programs for over a decade. She started her career training student organizers on college campuses, and as the Campaign Director at Environment Illinois she worked to protect access to clean water throughout the state by closing loopholes in the Clean Water Act and taking on the factory farming industry. Before joining Dayenu, she worked at Everytown for Gun Safety & Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America for nine years to end gun violence in our communities by building unmatched grassroots power and infrastructure. Lisa knows that in order to grow and sustain people-centered movements, we must also build capacity for connection and joy. When not at work, you can find Lisa studying Spanish, staring expectantly at her container garden, or hiking and camping near her Seattle home.