Powering collective Jewish climate action with Purim postcarding pop-ups


For Purim this year, the Dayenu community delivered on climate action!

Across the country, activists brought postcarding pop-ups to Purim events. At nearly 50 gatherings across 18 states, we wrote and sent thousands of postcards to policymakers, urging them to build a clean energy future.

This effort was the most recent collective action in the A Time To Build campaign, which aims to deliver on the promise of the Inflation Reduction Act. When the campaign launched in October, activists took action around Sukkot; in December, hundreds of us gathered at Hanukkah events to write and send postcards to governors about crucial federal climate funds.

We want every community to realize the benefits of a clean energy future. We do this by educating ourselves and our communities, taking public action to push decision-makers, and spreading the word

In these challenging times, taking small but mighty actions and building our collective power means a lot.

Some people have the tradition of planting tiny parsley seeds during Purim — enabling new sprouts to emerge in time to help tell the story of liberation at the Passover seder. This is an act of resilience and active hope that can light the way. 

This is our moment to draw together in strength, and build a different future for generations to come.

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