Oregon leads the way in an act to move state pension funds out of fossil fuels

Oregon has a chance to make history during its short legislative session going on right now, and to lead the way toward making sure our collective assets are invested in a clean energy future — not in dirty fossil fuels.

The Clean Oregon Assets Legislation (COAL) Act, a bill drafted in coordination with the State Treasurer, would move nearly $1 billion in state pension investments out of dirty coal, the most polluting fossil fuel. Dayenu is joining with more than 100 organizations in support of the COAL Act. The bill has passed the State House, and is now in the Senate.

Why this matters  

Jewish text teaches we are to embody our values “with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your might.” Some scholars understand this to include aligning our financial assets with our Jewish values, including enabling people to thrive from generation to generation. Ending public investments in fossil fuels is what science and justice demand.

Screening out coal from Oregon’s public pension funds will align our investments with our state’s climate policy, and Oregonians’ commitment to a just, livable future for generations to come. It also makes financial sense: when California’s pension CalPERS screened out coal, it saw investment returns increase by nearly $600 million.

We are racing to get this bill passed before the end of the short legislative session, so now is a vital time to lend your voice!

If you’re lucky enough to live in Oregon, take action! Please write to your State Senator and let them know: Passing the Oregon COAL Act is good for our planet and the people of Oregon.

Contact Your OR State Senator

Activists in Oregon at a Dayenu rally, urging institutions to “Move your dough” out of fossil fuels.

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