Lights, Hanukkah, Action!


Oil can be a miracle or a curse.

On Hanukkah we remember how a tiny amount of olive oil lasted 8 days and nights. But today, oil from fossils harms people who live near extraction sites, and contributes to climate chaos for all.

Celebrate this season by urging lawmakers to ban oil and gas drilling in California neighborhoods!

Thanks to years of organizing led by frontline communities, in October Governor Newsom directed CalGEM, the state agency that regulates oil and gas, to protect frontline communities from the terrible impacts of drilling by requiring a 3,200 ft setback for new wells.

We have until December 21 to gather enough public comments to strengthen this rule and make sure it goes into effect soon. Take a moment to submit a comment to CalGEM, with these three demands:

1) Support a 3,200-foot setback for new oil and gas wells

2) Demand that the setback ALSO applies to existing wells

3) Demand an emergency rule to ban all new permits within the setback zone until the final rule is in effect

Photo from VISION Coalition. Thank you for your leadership!

Fill out the form, personalize your comment to maximize your impact, and submit your public comment below: