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All Our Might Teach-In

This Passover, matzah in hand, we turned out more than 1,000 Jews and allies at 21 events across the continent, calling on banks and asset managers to move their dough out of fossil fuels. Now, it’s time to dig in and learn more about how we can make impact on these institutions.

Hear highlights from the Rainforest Action Network’s decades of pressuring financial institutions, and their latest findings on how banks are funding the climate crisis. We’ll also hear from Passover Action organizers about our collective impact and get a sneak peek of a video telling the story of this extraordinary and growing movement rooted in Jewish spirit.

Join the teach-in and invite your community!

What: Banking on Climate Chaos: Dayenu Teach-In and Passover Action Reportback

When: Thursday, May 12, 2022, 8:00 PM – 9:15 PM ET / 5:00 – 6:15 PM PT