Call for Songs

Calling all musicians and songwriters!

We're looking for new music for the growing Jewish climate justice movement – songs that can be sung at Jewish climate gatherings, chanted at marches, used in vigils, shared over zoom and in person.

The songs should be rooted in Judaism or Jewishness, focused on climate justice, and inspire people to join and sustain social movements. They can be songs of hope, struggle, courage, creativity, power, faith, imagination, joy – songs that capture the urgency of this moment.

The deadline for submitting a song has passed. Thank you to everyone who participated and we will be in touch soon!

Criteria for submissions

✅ A combination of Jewish, Climate-focused, and Empowering/Inspiring Activism. (Submissions must meet all 3 of these categories to be included in the community playlist)

✅ Easy to teach, learn, and sing by non-musicians

✅ Sung easily without instrumental accompaniment

✅ Include lyrics, mostly in English (although some Hebrew and other languages are fine too)

✅ 2-4 minutes long

✅ Original music (artist must own rights)

✅ Not already widely distributed or well-known

✅ Must have been first recorded in the last year. (note: we will accept older recordings, but they won’t be eligible for the honorarium)

✅ At a minimum, demo-quality recording

✅ Submitted either in video or audio format via this form

Artists may only submit one song

Songs that meet all selection criteria will be published on Dayenu’s YouTube channel and each artist whose song meets all of the criteria above will receive a small honorarium ($50). A select number of these artists will be individually contacted about producing a video of their music for Dayenu, which will be additionally compensated.

We strongly encourage BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, Jews by choice, young people, people with disabilities, and other folks with often marginalized identities to submit songs.

If you have any questions, please contact Ritual and Music Rabbinic Intern Maor Greene