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tell Congress: Protect climate funds and the clean Energy Future We NeeD

After decades of mounting public pressure and a sustained 18-month campaign, Congress passed the Inflation Reduction Act, the first major piece of federal legislation to confront the climate crisis and a catalyst for America’s rapid transition to clean energy.

One year in, historic investments in clean energy, good jobs, and environmental justice are starting to flow to communities across the country through federal grants, loan guarantees, and tax credits to the tune of nearly 75,000 new jobs working on more than 210 clean energy projects in 38 states.

But this success has provoked a backlash from the fossil fuel industry and its defenders in Congress. Opponents of climate action have already tried two dozen times to overturn or clawback critical investments in climate, jobs, and justice. Now, with a new House Speaker who denies the science of climate change and a looming deadline to pass a federal budget, it’s more important than ever to tell Congress: Oppose any attempt to cut climate funds from the federal budget.

Feel free to personalize the message below, mentioning local climate impacts or solutions that may hold particular resonance with your Members of Congress, or sharing why protecting climate funds is important to you Jewishly.

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