Take climate action this spring: Postcards for Purim

Right now, our eyes are on the states. Eighteen months ago, after decades of mounting public pressure, Congress passed the U.S.’s first piece of meaningful climate legislation, allocating over $370 billion for clean energy, transportation, regenerative agriculture, and more.

Now, these hard-won funds are largely in the hands of our state governments, which have the power to decide where the money goes, how effectively, to whom, and how fast.

This spring, we’re asking YOU to help bring these critical climate funds home – and make sure they reach those who need them most – by organizing your community to write and deliver postcards to key state-level decision makers.

Fill out the Postcard Interest Form to get the ball rolling.

Join us to organize postcarding pop-ups – at Purim carnivals, megillah readings, and all kinds of community gatherings – in the effort to send thousands of postcards to state-level decision makers. Then, we’ll support you to deliver those cards directly to their doorsteps as misloach manot, traditional Purim gift baskets.

Help us turn up the pressure on our Governors and state energy offices to ensure that federal climate dollars reach the communities in our states that need them most.

This effort is part of the current Dayenu campaign, A Time To Build, which focuses on delivering on the promise of the Inflation Reduction Act.

Need some support? We host Office Hours every Wednesday. The Postcarding Toolkit walks you through everything you’ll need to do this well.

Learn more from the recording of the campaign call of February 15 (closed captions and amazing live music included).

Dayenu Circles organized dozens of postcarding actions for Hanukkah in 2023! In Chicago, EcoJews hosted a cocktail hour with fellow eco-minded Jewish activists to explore the Climate Action Museum and learn about how to design a green city. 
Photo by Marlon Taylor | Survival Media Agency

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