A Just, Green Recovery for America

As we move from relief to recovery, Congress is considering legislation to address the long-term impacts of the pandemic. If we raise our voices, a massive economic recovery bill could deliver jobs, justice, and game-changing action on climate.

Call your Senators

Members of Congress are debating recovery legislation right now. Grab your phone, and take 5 minutes to call your Senators – we've made it super easy.

Meet with your Members

Set up a meeting with your Member of Congress, encouraging them to pass bold, visionary recovery legislation that creates millions of clean energy jobs, not just a modest bipartisan infrastructure bill. Learn more →

Learn About Public Action

This August and September, Jews and allies demonstrated broad, public support for a just, green, recovery. Across the country, we called our Senators to action with the blasts of the shofar. Learn more -->

What is a Just, Green Recovery?

The past 18 months forced us to confront multiple overlapping crises: a public health emergency, growing economic insecurity, systemic racism and the rise of white nationalism, all against the backdrop of a worsening climate crisis. But just as the causes are connected, so are the solutions, which is why we need a Just, Green Recovery.

As Jews we have faced devastation, disruption, and destruction throughout history. And each time we have not only survived, but envisioned and rebuilt a different future. Now, as we move from COVID relief to economic recovery, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform our society and our economy.

Congress passed a modest bipartisan infrastructure bill, which includes some funding for electric vehicles and public transit, but at a magnitude of order smaller than what’s needed to avert climate disaster. The good news is that the House just passed and the Senate will soon take up a much more ambitious recovery bill focused on climate action, care, good jobs, and justice. We must hold our policymakers to their promises! Join us in calling on Congress to enact big and bold economic recovery and infrastructure legislation that delivers clean energy, good jobs, and justice.


To achieve truly transformational change, we need to go big and bold: Making big investments in clean energy infrastructure and technology and setting bold targets for transitioning away from fossil fuels.

  • Historic levels of investments. Dayenu endorses the THRIVE (Transform, Heal, and Renew by Investing in a Vibrant Economy) Agenda’s call for $10 trillion dollars over the next decade to invest in energy efficient buildings and homes, and clean electricity, transportation and transit.

  • New rules of the road. Grow the market for affordable electric vehicles (EVs) and rapidly expand the national EV charging network.

  • Strong standards. Accelerate the transition to clean energy by mandating 100% clean electricity by 2035.


To build a more just economy, we must pay workers fairly and protect their rights, and provide the training, employment opportunities, and support for those who want to enter and remain in the workforce.

  • Just transition. Provide income support, counseling, and career services for displaced fossil fuel workers, and invest in communities historically reliant on fossil fuel-intensive industries.

  • Job training and opportunities. Offer training in new and expanding clean energy sectors, targeting workers who have been displaced or excluded in the past. Establish and fund programs such as a Civilian Climate Corps to put people to work saving the planet.

  • Invest in care. Fund healthcare, childcare, and care for the elderly and disabled so that workers can join or return to the workforce without worrying about their loved ones at home.

  • Strong wage and benefit guarantees and access to unions. Support a living wage and safeguard workers’ rights to form a union and collectively bargain.


Environmental justice is a person’s right, regardless of race, income, or zip code, to a safe environment to live, learn, work, play and pray. To realize environmental justice, we must address historic wrongs, and ensure everyone has a say and can benefit from the clean energy economy of the future.

  • Clean air and water. Clean-up legacy pollution, rebuild water systems to protect from lead exposure and forever chemicals, and get polluting cars, busses, and trucks off the roads to protect the air and water of communities who’ve too long borne the brunt of environmental injustice.

  • Invest in historically marginalized communities. Direct at least 40% of new investments to the Black, Brown, Indigenous and other communities of color on the frontlines of poverty, racism, and pollution.

  • Engage and partner. Consult environmental justice leaders and provide information and detailed plans so community members can participate in decision making and partner on programs.

Meet with your Members of Congress

To win the level of climate action that science and justice demand, we’re going to need to continue to make our voices resound – not just at the ballot box, but in the streets and in the halls of power.

That’s why, as Congress takes up recovery legislation, we’re supporting folks in the Dayenu community to meet with your federal elected officials (online, of course), to build relationships and let them know that their Jewish constituents are organized and are prioritizing bold, urgent climate action.

By holding in-district group meetings with them, we’ll ensure that our Senators and Representatives hear directly from us, their constituents, and understand how important urgent climate action is to the Jewish communities they represent.

Here are some resources to help you plan an in-district meeting with your Senators or Member of Congress:

Are you interested in organizing or hosting a meeting with your elected official? Let us know.