Tell Congress: We need clean energy, good jobs, and justice

Call Your Senators

The House just passed a recovery bill focused on clean energy, care, good jobs, and environmental justice, and now the Senate must get the job done.

The coming days could determine the course of the climate crisis for generations to come, but members of Congress are under intense pressure from fossil fuel companies and vested interests to scale back and delay urgent action for a Just, Green Recovery.

If we raise our collective voices, this legislation can reach the scale and scope that science and justice demand, helping us avoid the most harmful impacts of the climate crisis by building a clean energy economy that leaves no one behind. Call your Senators today!

How to take action

→ Grab your phone, and complete the form below. You will be connected to your two Senators' offices directly.

→ Speak with a staffer or leave a voicemail using the script below. Once you've completed the first call, press # and the system will connect you to your first Senator. When that call is completed, press # or stay on the line and the system will connect to you to your second Senator.